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Support community expertise in public policymaking

We're striking directly at the heart of minority rule. They have corporate and daddy's money. We have the 413 and YOU.

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Strike directly at the heart of minority rule: in education, in policy, in the law and at every level of American government

We are a registered nonprofit 501c(3) organization. EIN: 88-3168032. This means your donation is tax deductible.


The Western Massachusetts Policy Center is a new model of vocational policy training school and 'think tank' for and by the people.

Founded by a former educator; DC think tank executive; diversity, equity and inclusion consultant; and long-time resident of western Mass, the Center is built on BRAND NEW grassroots, community-driven, anti-racist model. We are unlike any other similar organization in the country. Both our board and our organization are and will always be Black and woman led and BIPOC staffed.

Unlike other think tanks, we’re focused exclusively on creating and deploying policy by and for those who have been negatively affected by broken and oppressive systems--not for existing experts and those already in power. To do this, we practically educate, train, resource and position historically and routinely-excluded policy expertise.

Instead of perpetuating problems or pitting people against each other for political gain or greed, we use a transparent, collaborative and holistic approach to solve problems at their root.

Simply put: We design policy that protects people over systems and root-problem solutions over politics.


Our communities work best when those in positions of power and influence directly represent the people that populate them. This design opens up policymaking and introduces long overdue accountability for its successes and failures.

We also believe in the radical idea that investing the bulk of our resources to develop and position a more representative, diverse, capable bench of future policy professionals is a superior strategy to the top-heavy, wasteful, laurel resting of the traditional approach.


We create diversity, equity and inclusion by doing it--not talking about it. Every dollar we receive goes directly to train, resource, amplify and position historically excluded and marginalized community fellows for greater access to power and influence in public policy.

Our fellows do not require college degrees, fancy titles or multiple years of experience. Their qualifications are simple: lived experience in the communities and with the identities they represent and practical expertise with the problems they aim to solve.

A year-long training fellowship with us is:

  • Fully Paid
  • Benefited
  • Uniquely 'perked' with portfolio & prestige building and generational wealth building in mind.

Bottom line: Our victories occur when the privileges of a few become the rights of everyone.