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Support the Future of Public Policy

Raising money to fix corruption, stagnation and failure in the current think tank model

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Since our entire business model was created as a fix for corruption, stagnation and failure in the current think tank model, we’ll be continually evaluating – and reporting on – our success across these four main interventions:

  1. Re-centering people as the designers and end-users of policy, rather than wealthy donors and special interests.
  2. Directly resourcing, training, positioning and amplifying historically-excluded experts to infuse the system with both quantifiable and qualifiable DEIJ in policy leadership and policymaking.
  3. Using the proximity afforded by a regional model to reject the ‘us vs. them’ posture that national politics uses to protect the status quo
  4. Working collaboratively – instead of in competition – with a wide range of partners and stakeholders to directly engage with the diverse people and ideas of our region, ease systems navigation and make regular civic participation an accessible and organic norm.

We believe this updated model, which reduces political influence, centers the next generation of policy professionals and places problem solving in the hands of those affected, will be portable and scalable as a way to protect the future sustainability and credibility of think tanks as a vitally necessary part of the policymaking ecosystem.